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This rig stands a little over 9 inches tall. The glass is nice and thick, and has some weight to it for that sturdy feel in your hand. There is a single matrix percolator in the chamber for great filtration. The percolator helps break up the smoke into different pockets of air, that way more surface area of smoke touches the water. This helps cool down the smoke for your throat, and filters out some of the bad stuff. A flared mouthpiece allows for a comfortable feel while inhaling. The airflow is not airy or restricted, it has a nice pull to it. 

  • 14mm female
  • Comes with 14mm male bowl and banger 

Customer Reviews

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Best glass the perc makes it so smooth and so many bubbles best rig I've got

Michael Lopez
The Dood Review

I’m really impressed with the quality of the glass and how fast you were able to ship it!!! I’m definitely coming back to you guys when I need new glass.