Glass Bucks Rewards Program

Here at the Glass Warehouse, we love to reward our loyal customers. There are a number of ways you can earn loyalty points (“Glass Bucks”). Glass Bucks may be used to receive free items and credits towards future purchases.

Spend $1 USD and receive 1 Glass Buck. 10 Glass Bucks is equal to $1 USD.

Blog for Us

For the couch potato smoking enthusiasts,  aspiring writers stuck working in corporate America, or wanna-be Instagram influencers of the world… now is your time to shine! Do you have smoking tips or secrets? Do you swear by certain smoking rituals or products? Have you been granted superpowers by the smoking Gods?

Live your one minute of fame in the spotlight. If you submit and we publish your smoking blog post, you will receive [1] Glass Bucks. Your blog post will be featured on our website and social media accounts. Your mother was wrong, your liberal arts degree was not a waste of money!