The Big Chuggler

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The Big Chuggler stands 11 inches tall and has a base that measures 5 inches across and 1/2 an inch thick. The base is definitely sturdy. The Big Chuggler is double chambered for extra water filtration. It features a inline percolator in the bottom chamber and a big shower head percolator on top. The smoke will be filtered through water two separate times giving a smooth and cool hit. The bent neck allows you more room to keep the heat away from your face. A flared mouthpiece allows for a comfortable feel while inhaling. Airflow is not restricted nor airy and has a nice chug to it. The glass is very sturdy and thick. There is a 14mm joint to support a quartz banger or bowl piece.

  • 11 inches tall
  • Quartz banger included
  • Bowl piece included
  • Thick, sturdy glass

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Big Chuggler

This is the perfect desktop piece for me. The Big Chuggler holds my reclaim catcher, and a nail off a 30mm bucket no problem. No tipping worries off this huge base. 50% fill on bottom 1/3 on top. Easy to clean too!