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House Glass Skyfall, Top Selling Glass Water Bong in San Diego, CA - 18 Inches Tall!!

top selling bong in San Diego, ca

The House Glass Skyfall bong is a top-selling glass water bong in San Diego, CA, and is a household necessity! This glass bong stands at 18 inches tall with a straight tube and has a nice wide base holding it steady. This glass piece features not one percolator, but two. First, your smoke will bubble up through the honeycomb disc, then when it hits that turbine it will spin. While making the water and smoke spin, the turbine disc also creates suction and expert water filtration, eliminating splashback and keeping dirty bong water where it belongs. 

Our Most Popular Glass Water Pipe is perfect for any occasion

The water pipe houses an 18mm bowl fitting. The Skyfall is a must-have for every dry herb occasion. This is your everyday piece, your party piece, your celebration piece, the perfect gift piece, your go-to sleep piece, your wake and bake piece, your lunch break piece. Easy to clean, easy to store. Learn More

This glass bong is the perfect piece for a smoker with dry herb. From the straight tube, to the bowl piece, this bong is sure to be your new favorite glass.

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Sammi Schrick

Love shopping with y’all even from all the way in Pennsylvania. Always go above and beyond. The Skyfall is perfection. Thank you guys again!

Michael Maddox

Love it

Khricell Justiniano
Fav Glass

Smoothest ever