Premium House Glass German Schott Glass - 8” Bong 9MM

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 The Premium House Glass is hand crafted in Los Angeles, California. House Glass is made with German Schott glass and is packaged with tender love and care from the friendly people at The Glass Warehouse. The House Glass will be outfitted with a cushioned Furcko bong bag, that is hand made in Southern California. This bag will be keep your glass safe for traveling. The Glass Warehouse is a small family owned and operated business located in the Inland Empire and Orange County areas.


We stand by our product. The premium House Glass is made using 9mm Thick German Schott Glass. It is our most durable bong yet. (Checkout out instagram for videos.) However, accidents happen and The House Glass is not indestructible. If you accidentally break your piece, contact us at 



  • Made in the USA
  • 8 inches tall
  • Ice Pinch ice-catcher 
  • Furcko Bong Bag Included
  • 9MM Thick German Shcott Glass 
  • weight: 1.9 Lbs (with out downstem and bowl)
  • Engraved Downstem
  • Engraved Bowl


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    Amazeballs! Really something!