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Formula 420 or Zen Pipe Cleaners are important essentials for cleaning pipes, bowls, bongs, and downstems. They will make your next smoke feel cleaner. Any size smoking product in your collection can benefit from a soft or hard bristle pipe cleaner. Both the soft and hard bristle pipe cleaners are flexible and durable for easy manipulation in order to reach every crevice in your smoking accessories.

We carry the Formula 420 hard bristle pipe cleaners or the Zen soft bristle pipe cleaners pack.

Formula 420 Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaner

The Formula 420 hard bristles feature little wires that poke outward to offers a deeper clean to help scrape more residue from your glass.

Zen Soft Bristle Pipe Cleaner

The Zen soft bristles provide a gentler clean for your glass. The Zen soft bristles also provide effective cleaning for tobacco pipes (wood sherlock).


  • 6 inches in length
  • Soft or Hard bristle pipe cleaners
  • Each pack contains 10 pipe cleaners


Customer Reviews

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John Strategier
18 inch bong

I finally took a rip out of the GIANT bong. Luckily I had some mendo breath aka Mendocino beano. Loaded it up with ice and everything. I was high for HOURS. It ruled. Thanks.