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This Micro Nectar Collector kit is all you need to get those dabs going. This all in one set comes with a dab dish, quartz tip, titanium tip, and a K-clip to secure the tips. The K clip will also prevent the piece from rolling off a surface. The nectar collector is 9 inches long when assembled with the quartz tip, and a little shorter with the titanium tip. This piece may be used with or without water, it's up to you. Water will help cool down the heat of the smoke so you don't burn your throat too much. Fill the chamber accordingly, the glass is designed not to leak water out even when you lay it down. Place your desired amount of wax in the dish and use a torch to heat the tip, then apply the heated tip into the wax and sip slowly.

  • 9 inches long fully assembled
  • Dab dish included
  • 10mm Quartz Tip included
  • 10mm Titanium Tip included
  • K clip included

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Must Have Piece

This is an absolute must have. Heats up quickly to get that quick dab, but hits smooth. Everyone that uses concentrates needs one!!