Lookah Seahorse Pro (Electronic Nectar Collector)

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The Lookah Seahorse Pro is an amazing upgrade from the original Seahorse. It added in a clear tube section so you can see your smoke travel through the device and is a lot easier to clean. It is 2in1 wax vaporizer. It functions as an electronic nectar collector with the Quartz Tip coil installed, or as a 510 thread Battery for your cartidges. The Lookah Seahorse has a unique quartz tip that is porous and allows for a pure taste and flavor of your wax. The Seahorse has 3 three temperature settings; low, medium and high. You can operate these settings through a series of clicks on its button. The Seahorse is perfect for road trips or hikes, any situation where you need dabs on the go. It chargers with a micro USB cable. This electronic nectar collector comes with a silicone attachment to connect the device to any water pipe or rig you currently have in order to add water filtration. 

  • 650mah Battery
  • 510 threaded for cartridges
  • Replaceable quartz tips
  • Micro USB charger cable included 
  • Silicone attachment included 
  • User manual included


**House Glass Rig not included**

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Rebecca Green
Best electric rig

Yall, I am in complete love with this item. It works so much better than any other rig I've tried. Hits are smooth and consistent. Makes your product last way longer. It will actually save you money. Order it!!!! You won't be let down.