Lookah Seahorse (Electric Nectar Collector)

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The Lookah Seahorse is 2in1 wax vaporizer. It functions as an electronic nectar collector with the Quartz Tip coil installed, or as a 510 thread Battery for your cartidges. The Lookah Seahorse has a unique quartz tip that is pourous and allows for a pure taste and flavor of your wax. The Seahorse has 3 three temperature settings; low, medium and high. You can operate these settings through a series of clicks on its button. The Seahorse is perfect for road trips or hikes, any situation where you need dabs on the go. It chargers with a micro USB cable.

  • 650mah Battery
  • 510 threaded for cartridges
  • Replaceable quartz tips
  • Micro USB charger cable included 
  • User manual included

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Vivalaflower Jasmine
Lookah Seahorse Pro

This little gadget is amazing! Takes traveling dabs to a whole new, less messy level! 👏🏼