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This Klein Recycler gives great function and percolation. The recycler allows the water to travel up with the smoke, cooling it down further before it hits your lungs. The rig stands 7 inches tall and has a base that is just over 3 inches across. The glass is balanced and sturdy and has a good weight to it. The bent neck design helps keep the heat away from your face while you're dabbing or lighting your bowl. There is a showerhead percolator inside the rig and a 14mm joint for a quartz banger and a bowl piece. 

  • Recycler
  • 7 inches tall
  • 14mm Quartz banger included
  • 14mm Bowl piece included
  • Different colors available

Customer Reviews

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It's just the greatest! lol!

This is the first recycler I have owned and am in Love with it! Nice little solid piece worth the $$! She's a work horse! I use this to Dab but also have a bowl for flower that I've recently been primarily using it for. I used to use Bubblers for my flower, at 41 I'm kind of past the big bongs... For me this is the perfect device for flower. Definitely a step up from a nice bubbler, especially with some fresh cold water in the chamber. Really nice smooth hits that shouldn't make you cough and accidentally send you to another dimension! Ordering online will get you a free bowl ($10 value). I was a little bummed out that I was going to have to buy that because I went to the store until I found out I'd receive a gift card worth 10% of my purchase and if it is used on a Monday the amount is doubled. To be honest that's pretty amazing deal. Either way if you order online or purchase in store you can't lose.