House Glass Bottleneck Skyfall, 12 inch Straight

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The House Glass Skyfall is now available in bottleneck fashion and it's definitely the bong you've been looking for. This bottleneck stands 12 inches tall and has a base 4 inches across offering stability and sturdiness. There is a honeycomb percolator and a turbine in this rig. The smoke will first bubble up nice and frothy through the honeycomb and then spin when it hits that turbine. The Skyfall allows the smoke to cool down before it hits your throat and lungs. This piece will be great for flower or concentrates. An 18mm bowl piece and 18mm quartz banger are included with this bong. The mouthpiece is comfortable and there is a smooth draw, not restricted.

  • 12 inches tall, 4 inch wide base
  • Skyfall Percolator, Honeycomb + Turbine
  • 18mm bowl and quartz banger included
  • Made in the USA

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Divina Acoba

I had a hard time deciding between this skyfall bong and the double honeycomb but I'm glad I went with the skyfall bong. I love its function and size, it's very good quality. It's been my daily driver since I got it so I also really appreciate that 420 cleaner was included in the box.