House Glass Fumed 18" Beaker

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This is the big one, the biggest Fumed House Glass Bong Beaker! This bong stands at 18 inches tall, and has a mouthpiece that is 2 inches wide. The fuming allows for color change when you start smoking dry herb out of it. The yellowish color will turn blue. This fumed glass bong has a wide opening with a very comfortable feel to it, and also allows for easy loading for ice cubes. There is a three pointed ice pinch at the bottom of the neck for that extra cool down factor that any smoker will enjoy. The height on this beaker lets you milk your bowl and fill up the bong chamber with smoke. The beaker houses a standard 14 mm bowl fitting and has an American diffused downstem (slits on the bottom). The diffused downstem forces the smoke to break up in the water, that way more surface area of the smoke touches water. This cools down the smoke, filtering out some of the bad stuff, and making it easier on your lungs. The height of this House Glass beaker is convenient for quick and easy cleaning and should be a staple smoking accessory.

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House glass 18” fumed beaker
We are sorry about what happened to you but unfortunately the pipe was used a week and a half before attempting to contact us. If it was not used and we were notified when you received the package, we would have traded it out right away. We offered you a promo for another piece. If you have not received it, please let us know. Thank you.