Encore Curved Side Car Rig

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This rig is a sight to see. Encore Glass is killing the game with this super thick and sturdy rig. This piece is just about 7 inches tall and has a base that is 3.75 inches across. The mouthpiece is unique and curved around to the back of the rig. It is comfortable to hold and use and is very sturdy. There is definitely some good weight to this glass. Inside the chamber is a barrel percolator to help break up the smoke in the water to further cool down the smoke before it hits your throat. There is a 14mm joint to support a quartz banger or a bowl piece, both of which are included.

  • Encore Glass
  • Unique mouthpiece
  • Thick and heavy glass
  • 14mm joint
  • Bowl and Quartz banger included

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Richard Beamer
So worth every penny

I purchased one of these bongs about 2 days ago and I absolutely love it! It's my favorite piece now, smoking out of it is out of this world.. it has this wicked vacuum effect so that when you pull the carb its like sending one of those plastic tubes through the vacuum tunnel at the drive thru at a bank