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C-Vault storage containers are the industry’s leading humidor, storage, and curing container. Made from food grade stainless steel that is built to last for years even with the toughest environmental settings. They are powered by Boveda’s two-way humidity control packs to keep your stash as fresh as ever.

  • Medium- Holds 1oz of Product (4” X 2.67”)
  • Large- Holds up to 2oz of Product (4.75 ``x 3.33”)
  • 2 Liter- Holds 3-4 oz of Product (7” X 4”)
  • 4 Liter- Holds up to 1/2LBS of Product (9 ``x 5.5”)
  • 8 Liter- Holds up to 1 LB of Product (10” X 7”)
  • 21 Liter- Holds up to 1 Kilo or 2LBS of Product (13.5” X 10.5”)