Blue Dichro Swirl Spoon Pipe

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This spoon pipe is awesome with it's blue dichroic swirl throughout the glass. The colors are vibrant and the swirl design is eye catching. This spoon pipe was hand blown in Southern California. American glass is sturdy and this pipe is durable and heavy. There are 3 light green warts on the right side and the carb is on the left side. The pipe is 5 inches long, definitely not a nose burner. The heat from the flame is kept away from your face. 

  • 5 inches long
  • American glass
  • Hand blown in Southern California
  • Carb on the left side

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Edward Maxey
Glass pipes

I love the pipe but I definitely have to find a different kind of screen for it the ones you saw me definitely don't work other than that everything is great I just have to find different screens bigger ones I called the windmill it didn't work at all burned up the first time I use it thank you for writing me please write back again if you like to thank you please keep me informed. 😃💐