Bear Quartz V2 Spinner Disc Cap

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Bear Quartz does it again with an amazing, upgraded version of the Spinner Disk. The V2 Spinner Disc has an improved design with an inset groove on the back to hold on to your Bear Quartz Banger. This cap will get your pearls spinning on the 22mm banger and the 25mm bangers. The Bear Quartz Disk Spinner is an awesome set that comes complete with the silicone stand and a set of clear pearls. The pearls will help retain the heat in your quartz banger so you can take a nice big low temp dab. Using a carb cap on your banger will also create an oven effect and help retain the heat as well.

The Bear Quartz Disk Spinner setup is the perfect addition to any dab sesh.


  • Silicone stand included 
  • Set of clear pearls included 
  • Disc cap measures 1.5 inches across
  • Fits 22mm and 25mm bangers

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Sydney S.
Perfect 3rd Party Shopping Site

These guy’s prices beat the main retail sellers, plus they have always sent me a free sample with every purchase. I’ve also loved and used every free sample I’ve received. There’s always a handwritten note, which is also a very nice quality.