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This is your main House Glass Straight water pipe! It stands 12 inches tall and has a mouthpiece that is 2 inches wide. The wide opening has a very comfortable feel to it, and also allows for easy ice loading. There is a three pointed ice pinch at the bottom of the neck for that extra cool down factor. There is a base on the bottom making the water pipe super sturdy. This guy is easily your everyday piece. The straight shot houses a standard 14 mm bowl fitting and has an American diffused downstem (slits on the bottom). The diffused downstem forces the smoke to break up in the water, that way more surface area of the smoke touches water. This cools down the smoke, filtering out some of the bad stuff, and making it easier on your lungs. The standard height of this House Glass Straight water pipe is convenient for quick and easy storage, and fast cleaning.

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Chris C
Buyer Beware

Beware of the awesome deal on this 12" straight pipe bong from House Glass. This was my first order from this company (around $50) and I was pleasantly surprised with the style and quality. Wide-ish base, thicker glass than I was expecting, ice-catcher feature constructed well, and the downstem + slide are quite robust (cheap ones break too easy). I will certainly be buying their House Glass brand equipment again. Packaged securely with layers of bubble wrap and arrived on the east coast very fast.

Next up might be a beaker style as the straight orientation is prone to providing a small splash of bong water on the lips upon pulling the slide. However conservatively filling the water tends to abate this. If you choose to purchase this piece you'll likely be very satisfied.

Lissa Murray
New bong!

Well With everything going on, old bong had been being used a lot, which meant cleaning a lot.. well I broke it one day on accident. Recently seems to be drama to know what can and can’t be open in Cali, so I just placed a quick order online for a new one to support the local glass biz in my city & it arrived within a few days of ordering, packaged up very well for the shipment!! Will continue to be a customer always!! Stay strong in these unstable times friends!