House Glass Fumed 12" Beaker

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This is your main House Glass Beaker and your new favorite glass bong! It's a fumed bong, which means it will change colors when you start smoking out of it. The fume from this smoking accessory will turn blue the more you use it. The beaker stands 12 inches tall and has a mouthpiece that is 2 inches wide. The wide opening on this glass bong has a very comfortable feel to it, and also allows for easy ice loading. There is a three pointed ice pinch at the bottom of the neck for that extra cool down factor. This guy is easily your everyday piece. The beaker houses a standard 14 mm bowl fitting and has an American diffused downstem (slits on the bottom). The diffused downstem forces the smoke to break up in the water, that way more surface area of the smoke touches water. This cools down the smoke, filtering out some of the bad stuff, and making the vapor easier on your lungs. The standard height of this House Glass Beaker fumed bong is convenient for quick and easy storage, and fast cleaning.

If you like what you see but are searching for something a bit taller, check out our 18 inch fumed bong. Shop our online smoke shop and add this smoking accessory, or one of our other top quality pieces, to your collection. 

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Brittany Simpson

Love this so much. It got delivered very quickly! Great customer service !!

Recent Customer
Best Beaker Bong EVER!!!

Best Beaker Bong hands down!!! Smooth hits all day long -- when you take hits from THIS Bong! Received the best in class customer service from House Glass! Thank you for all that good times ahead!

Recent Customer
What the????

Wish I could share photos of what they sent me but it looks used. It's orange where it should be iridescent, which makes no sense. If I knew there would be an issue I would have opted for a completely clear one. This just sucks.

In full transparency, we did send out a bad one and didn’t realize it. To resolve the situation a replacement was sent immediately. This has taught us to keep a better eye when sending out any product. We apologize you had this experience with us and we look forward to hearing from you again.

Favorite glass piece

My bf and I collect glass pieces and he said this has the smoothest hits out of any bong we’ve tried. The smoke is not harsh at all so you can take big big rips.


We love this piece!! Very sturdy glass, good weight so we can prevent any tips. Colors are lovely and hit is smooth. Also, thank you for the amazing extras!! Unboxing was a blast :)