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The Gang Talks About Smoking

Hi guys! We were asked on Instagram about our favorite smoking methods. Obviously, we didn’t agree on anything. Below, we share our favorites and you be the judge. Feel free to weigh in with comments.

Violet: I used to think concentrates were too strong for me, so I would avoid them like the plague. I would only smoke weed, and not very much. Just a bowl or two a day in my bong. I never learned how to roll a joint or blunt without a roller, so I don’t usually light those up. Eventually, I built up a tolerance and the one or two bowls a day wasn’t working for me anymore, so I jumped into the dabbing world with my roommates. They taught me about torching up my nail and how to time my cooldowns and get the best flavors. Now I get the best of both worlds. I feel like pot gives me a nice long-lasting high that gets me feeling good and I can do my chores and go about my day. Also, I feel like it’s more social to smoke weed. I get to pass around the bong and pack bowls for each other. Dabs? It’s a little different. Smoking wax is almost its own ritual. Kind of a solo deal, everyone takes a turn. Rigs don’t seem to get passed around like a bong does. I prefer to take dabs when I’m at home and have all my gear with me. My tool, carb cap, and torch are all essentials to partner with my rig. If I’m looking for a good night of sleep, I always make sure to have some kind of edible ready to go. If it’s a cookie or something sweet, I don’t usually eat the whole thing, just a little microdose, so when I fall asleep I stay asleep.

Janalee: Well Violet, you’re just weird because I know my methods are better! Haha just kidding...Once upon a time before I had kids (you know back when I was cool) I was such a pothead. Just your old fashioned stoner that preferred smoking weed by the bowl-bong, pipe, bubbler, joint. It didn't matter if it was always plain old weed. After I had my first kid I was so excited to start smoking again...that was until I did it and holy crap, I got sooooo paranoid. At first, I thought, eh, I just need to rebuild my tolerance and all will be good. Nope, not me. I finally had to just give up because the paranoia would not subside. A few months later I was hanging out with my sister, Renae and she was using a cartridge pen and told me to take a hit. No way, right?! Well, my sister is the peer pressure queen and wouldn't shut up, so I finally gave in...Well, not that I want to give her any credit, but it is due. So yes, nowadays you’ll find me with my cartridge pen. So for me, I give the thumbs up to cartridges.

Renae: It’s me, Renae! I love that flower power! I prefer hitting out of my glass hand pipe or bong. I like to switch it up, depending on my mood! I also like that it’s quick and efficient! Unlike my sister, cannabis does not get me paranoid! I’m all about that indica life. And... I’m just going to say it. Here it goes. It makes me a better mom! That’s probably for a different blog on another day! Smoking at home looks much different than it used to. My husband, Matt smokes first in the garage and leaves me a loaded bowl! Isn’t he the sweetest? After he has his session with his phone, I slide my smoke jacket on, run outside, take a couple hits, and run back in. All my anxiety is gone and I am able to color, dance, hike, and keep up with my kiddos! It’s not the sessions my husband and I were used to, it’s just parent life!

So, what are your favorite ways to smoke?

  • Jan 16, 2020
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