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Glass Vegas with The Glass Warehouse

Hey guys! Janalee and Violet comin at you this week all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada. We are excited to tell you about our experience at the Glass Vegas Expo. Glass blowers from all over the country descended upon Las Vegas to showcase their newest artwork and glass pieces. We were completely blown away by the countless booths, artists, and cannabis celebrities! Absolutely starstruck, we ran into everyone's favorite Grandma, Dabbin Granny herself. Dabbin Granny is so sweet and friendly! She posed with us for a photo and gave us Dabbin Granny pins! That just made our day for sure!

Admiring the newest rigs, bubblers, pipes, pendants, and bongs definitely gave us an eyegasm. We felt camaraderie in the atmosphere, witnessing a marble exchange between artists. Even working in the industry for this long, we are still blown away by the imagination and creativity these talented glassblowers bring to the table. The whirlwind of color combinations and the functionality of the glass blew our minds. Check out our Instagram to see Glass Vegas through our eyes.

At Glass Vegas, it was nice to run into some familiar faces and see what's new from some artists we feature in our locations. We saw Empire Glass, Dust Storm, Adventures in Glass Blowing, Keys Glass, Starfish Glass, Mr. Dabbinport, and many more. We can't wait to show off some new artists and smoking essentials we will now be featuring in our three locations and on our online shop! If you’d like to preview any of the artists, check out their Instagrams for sure. In the near future, our shops will feature the following artists:

  • Al’s Boro Creations from Eugene, Oregon;
  • Chubby Glass by Nate and Jeff’s Glass Art from Washington;
  • American Glass Craft from Illinois (they were so nice and friendly, they even shared a venison meat snack with us);
  • Jimmy C Glass from Colorado, and
  • American Glass Artists.

At Glass Vegas, we picked up a new dab tool everyone is going to love, the Terpometer. The Terpometer is a dab thermometer that ensures the perfect temperature every session! Due to popular demand, we stocked up on the Huni Badger. Finally, we did not forget about drinks and snacks! We loaded up on Exotic Pop and our stores will now carry delicious snacks.

Keep up with us on Instagram and our blog to know when all the new stuff will be rolling out. We can’t wait to show it all off! Drop some comments below if you want to see any of your favorite artists, products, or snacks featured in our stores.

  • Jan 30, 2020
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