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The Volcano Digital is the table top vaporizer for your household. Vaporizing is one of the best ways of inhaling herbs, especially for flavor and a nice clean feel. The cool thing about vaporizers is that instead of combusting your material with a flame and inhaling smoke, you are actually cooking the oils off of the herbs and inhaling a vapor. Do not be discouraged if you are not exhaling a big cloud of smoke. We kind of describe it is as a ghost cloud, and there will be material left in the oven of the vaporizer. The herbs will not turn to ash. Make sure to pack the oven evenly, that way the heat is pulled through the herbs nice and steady. Otherwise, the heat will travel through the path of least resistance.

The Volcano Digital is simply the best vaporizer because it is made of top-quality material and craftsmanship. The Volcano is designed for high performance and fitted with a digital temperature control. For this reason, you can enjoy the flavor of your material much better and with far greater efficiency than with other methods.

Each Volcano comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

At Storz and Bickel, they use our own unique patented Volcano System Technology. This efficient and controlled technology allows you to achieve the best vaporization results. The Volcano gently heats material to release flavor and aroma without burning it. The vapors are collected in the balloon, which allows you to apply the vapors separately from the device. You may apply the vapor comfortably, safely, and independently from the vaporization process.

The Volcano Vaporizer has an air pump to create a constant air flow. In combination with the heat exchanger, it sustains a precise air temperature. This allows you the greatest efficiency without compromising taste. The Valve Balloon delivers a simple, reliable, and convenient application.

The Volcano Digital is very easy to use. The simple design allows a novice to become an expert in no time. Most users master the system in less than 10 minutes. There is manufacturer support, so if you do have questions, you can get them answered quickly.

Digital Details: Temp Control 104-446 degrees Fahrenheit

Set includes: 1 Volcano Digital Hot Air Generator, 4pc Easy Valve Balloon with mouthpiece, 1pc Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter, 1pc Filling Chamber for Herbs, 3pcs Filling Chamber clip, 1pc Cap Ring, 1 pc Normal Screen Set, 1pc Drip Pad, 1pc Volcano Air Filter Set, 1pc Herb Mill, 1pc Cleaning brush, 1pc Instructions for use.

Size: 20cm X 18cm (7.9” X 7.1”) weight: 4 LBS