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The World’s Best Gravity Water Pipe!

Say goodbye to your old gravity bong or water pipe. Stundenglass harnesses the power of gravity and water to create an exceptional smoking experience. With a Stundenglass gravity pipe, there is no fumbling to cover exposed holes or fear of spillage because the water is contained within the unit, meaning no water displacement. With its patented design you can use the true power of gravity throughout your smoking experience for an entire chamber of smoke. A Stundenglass gravity pipe is great for individual use or groups. Since the smoke is pushed to you, mouth to mouthpiece contact is unnecessary – meaning no shared mouthpiece. Stundenglass is built with the highest quality materials available chosen for high strength tolerance, advanced air flow technology, and durability as well as beauty.

Glass of this quality will give you a truly exceptional smoking experience. From the lack of exposed holes around the bowl to not having to worry about a shared mouthpiece – Stundenglass offers something for every session.

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Studenglass needs a tray?

My lady has always been a gravity-promoter by 1st choice and this was her B-day gift this year. We've used it almost every day since gifting it to her on 5/9/20.
It is a strong well functioning piece, but it does leak significantly (at least a few drops each flip) when used and requires a "water catch tray" underneath it. (this is slightly unfortunate because we use it on our wooden coffee and dining room tables)

Leaking is coming from the center of the "SG" symbol where the exact center if the piece is joined, when flipped (the half/half center of the piece). Also, leaking or "spurting" of droplets of water sometimes comes through from the screwed in mouth-piece attachment when in use - is this access water normal in general?

We've now tried various water levels, too low weakens the rip. Too high seems to lead to more leaking. We are also very VERY sure we completely dry all threads, grommets and areas before screwing on each glass dome. Is there a preferred water-level we are not aware of?

Also - without 420 Solution, this piece becomes undesirable quickly. Thanks for including some in the package, we are avid about keeping water pieces clean and the Studenglass basically requires it. We tried the Banger (TY so much, saving us a headache looking for one during these times) 1st time this weekend, it is clearly a cleaner way to use this too - but we know we want/need the G-pen attachment in the future.

Studengalss = not for the beginner waterpipe user (so, perfect for us)

I look forward to your reply on this review... Thanks for Asking!