Magic Flight Launch Box

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The Magic Flight Launch Box has been a staple vaporizer throughout the years. Well-made and built to last. 7 words; Portable. User Friendly. Ultra Quick. Robust Effective. Compact. Stealthy. 

Portability as in 2.5”x 1.25”x .09”. User Friendly just plug in the rechargeable AA battery, simply press battery in and see the quickest heat up time in just 2-3 Seconds. Robust material for sturdy and unbreakable drops. Effectively emits vapor for a healthy and tasty draw. Just finely ground your herbs and place in the vapor screen close the lid and plug the battery in for the fastest vapor around.  Vaporizing is one of the best ways of inhaling herbs, especially for flavor and a nice clean feel. The cool think about vaporizers is that instead of combusting your material with a flame and inhaling smoke, you are actually cooking the oils off of the herbs and inhaling a vapor. Do not be discouraged if you are not exhaling a big cloud of smoke. We kind of describe it is as a ghost cloud, and there will be material left in the oven of the vaporizer. The herbs will not turn to ash. Make sure to pack the oven evenly, that way the heat is pulled through the herbs nice and steady. Otherwise, the heat will travel through the path of least resistance. Hand made in the USA. Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.