Galaxy Recycler

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Galaxy Recycler is a fully functional recycler. The rig is super sleek and scientific looking. It stands at 9 inches tall. When using the Galaxy Recycler, the smoke will first hit the water through an in-line percolator that is careful to be cut on the bottom, forcing the smoke through the water. The rig allows the smoke travel up with the water to help with the cooling process, and then cycle back down. There is no splash back and the water will not straw up the mouthpiece. We water tested this one and it gave a good pull and perfect recycling action. The recycler features two dichroic marbles fixated for decoration. Its bent neck design allows for better visuals when dabbing or lighting your bowl, and helps keep the heat away from your face. The airflow is not restricted nor is it airy.

  • 14mm female 
  • Comes with 14mm male bowl and banger